South Tyrolean quality products up close

Allowing you to recognise quality and origin at first glance

Quality from South Tyrol

A lot goes into ensuring enjoyment and quality: The art of great food requires both time and dedication. The result is quality that you can see, smell and taste!

Such quality should be recognisable even before taking a first bite. As a trademark for quality-tested food products with assured origin, this is exactly where the South Tyrolean seal of quality comes in. Only agricultural and nutritional products from South Tyrol with quality that clearly exceeds the legal standards may bear this brand.


What benefits does the seal of quality have?

All stakeholders, from manufacturers to consumers, benefit from the (added) value of the seal of quality.
Product marketing ...
is supported by the province of South Tyrol and carried out by IDM Südtirol. They benefit all producers and points of sale. The following measures are covered:
  • IDM organises prize drawings, trade fairs, advertising campaigns and events such as wholesale market promotions, open-house days and tastings.
  • Events receive sponsorship from IDM.
  • IDM places ads in local and national media as well as in the trade press.
  • Manufacturers benefit from press releases and internet publicity.
Brand users ...
... may use the South Tyrolean seal of quality for themselves:
  • They can apply it to packaging and labels and benefit from its popularity.
  • It can be placed on advertising materials and communication media, such as advertisements and TV commercials, or at counters.
  • Brand users are provided with images, gift wrapping, labels, recipe booklets and gadgets.
For the consumer ...
... “The South Tyrolean seal of quality” is a reliable indicator of high-quality food and local origin.
The tradition of natural ...
... production methods is preserved and continued with the latest technology in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

What are the most important criteria?

  • Regional production
  • Compliance with the specified quality regulations
  • Regular inspection by independent and certified inspection bodies

Individual quality regulations vary depending on the product group and are described in the respective regulatory documents of the seal of quality.

South Tyrolean products of the highest quality

Whenever you buy South Tyrolean products, specialties, and foods, keep an eye out for the seal of quality. The South Tyrolean seal of quality is subject to a number of guidelines, criteria, and independent controls guaranteeing top standards.

Products bearing the South Tyrolean seal of quality are guaranteed genetically unmodified and can be traced back all the way to the original producer. The animals are fed with hay from their own farm or genetically unmodified animal feed. All specialties with the seal of quality are authentic and natural. They are produced, processed, refined, and packed or bottled without the use of any chemical or artificial additives, flavour enhancers, or preservatives.

Lukas Schwarz
We never compromise on the quality of our ingredients. We owe our guests the very best. How lucky we are that the very best comes straight from South Tyrol!
Lukas Schwarz
sous-chef at Vinum / Romantikhotel Oberwirt
Irene Theiner
I love home-made baked goods, and baking for our guests is one of my favourite things to do. Every single cake is unique. Anyone as passionate about their work as I am will understand that only the very best ingredients are good enough.
Irene Theiner
the good soul of Vinum Hotel SCHLOSS PLARS. wine & suites
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