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South Tyrolean dried fruits

Enjoyment all year round: Dried fruit from South Tyrol optimally retains both great taste and the ingredients of the fruit in a natural way. In accordance to strict quality criteria, South Tyrolean dried fruit has been permitted to bear the South Tyrolean seal of quality since 2009.

What are the most important quality criteria?

  • Regional cultivation according to strict quality standards
  • Gentle and slow drying process
  • Free from sugar and other additives; only ascorbic acid is permitted
  • Subject to regular checks by an independent inspection authority
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South Tyrolean dried fruit in numbers

10 to 30%
water content is retained by South Tyrolean dried fruit. Before drying, the water content of fruit is more than 80%.
5 portions
of fruit per day are recommended by the German Society for Nutrition, even during winter.
0 %
sulphur: required for dried fruit with the South Tyrolean seal of quality. While many producers use sulphur dioxide to keep colours fresh, South Tyrolean dried fruit is free from such additives.
surface treatment: While some producers treat the dried fruit with oils or waxes to prevent sticking, South Tyrolean dried fruit is natural.
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What happens during the drying process?

Once the fruit is harvested, it is first carefully washed and cut. The fruit is then placed in a drying apparatus. By supplying warm air, the fruit dries gently and slowly. The ingredients of the fruits are concentrated during the drying process, which preservers the typically strong flavour of South Tyrolean dried fruit. Dried fruit with the South Tyrolean seal of quality is natural and free from sugar or other additives.
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What types of South Tyrolean dried fruit are available?

The variety reflects the bounty of fruit grown in South Tyrol's fields and orchards in summer and ranges from apple rings to persimmon slices or classic dried plums. Dried apples make up the largest share.

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