Web push notifications from PushPanda.io

We use web push notifications from PushPanda.io. Web push notifications are notifications that can be displayed on your terminal device without opening the website or the relevant app.
No distinctive user data, such as IP addresses or similar, that could allow the user in question to be identified, are saved. If somebody registers for the notification distributor (opt-in process), only an identification code and the geographical IP information (country and state) of the user are sent to PushPanda.io and stored in its database. This code is issued by the respective browser provider (Google, Mozilla, etc.) and enables the notifications to be sent to the relevant browser later. Notifications are sent by the browser provider itself.
If the opt-in for push notifications is withdrawn (opt-out), all data saved with PushPanda.io is deleted and the identification code will be invalid.
You can find information about opting out of push notifications at https://www.pushpanda.io/de/links/abmeldung/. 
PushPanda.io is a service of Project K GmbH, with headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria.

As of: 19/12/2019