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South Tyrolean apple juice & apple vinegar

South Tyrol is known as an apple growing region. Small wonder that the production of apple vinegar and apple juice has a long tradition. South Tyrolean apple juice and apple vinegar have been permitted to bear the South Tyrolean seal of quality since 2005. To achieve this, manufacturers must meet strict quality criteria.
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What are the most important quality criteria?

  • All-natural, naturally cloudy fruit juice or fruit vinegar
  • Grown, processed and bottled in the region
  • Only hand-picked apples from integrated or organic cultivation are used to make juice.
  • The apples are clean, undamaged and free from rot
  • Preservatives and other additives such as sugar, water, colourings or flavourings are not permitted
  • Subject to regular checks by an independent inspection authority
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South Tyrolean apple juice in numbers

Approx. 1.4
kilograms of apples are used to make one litre of apple juice.
0 %
preservatives and additives: the key to pure South Tyrolean apple juice.
times as many valuable ingredients such as minerals, trace elements and vitamins are found in cloudy apple juice compared with clear juice.
litres of apple juice with the South Tyrolean seal of quality are produced every year.
producers in South Tyrol produce not-from-concentrate juices from apples.
producer makes South Tyrolean apple vinegar.
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How is South Tyrolean apple juice produced?

An optimal growing climate and conscientious cultivation methods ensure high-quality raw materials: juicy, crunchy and tasty apples. After harvesting, producers crush their apples in a fruit mill and gently press them. This allows the natural fruit juice to escape, which is then preserved by pasteurisation and bottled. The result: additive-free, taste-intensive juice containing valuable ingredients.

How is South Tyrolean apple vinegar produced?

The apple juice obtained from hand-picked apples is first fermented into cider with the help of yeast. Vinegar inoculation, a method of traditional vinegar production, allows the cider to ferment. Before South Tyrolean apple vinegar may be used in the kitchen, it is stored in wooden barrels for at least two months before finally being pasteurised at low temperature.

What does ...

Apple juice
... ‘not-from-concentrate juice’ mean?
Not-from-concentrate juice means that the apple juice has not been frozen or concentrated. Not-from-concentrate juice consists of 100 percent fruit juice without any added water, sugar or other substances. In particular, this preserves both the valuable ingredients and the taste!
... ‘naturally cloudy’ mean?
In contrast to clear apple juice, naturally cloudy apple juice is not filtered. This preserves the suspended solids in the juice, which give the apple juice with the South Tyrolean seal of quality its special, strong aroma.

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