Apples and Apple Juice
This producer organisation processes every fifth apple grown in South Tyrol
United by the apple
The vision of VOG Products is to ensure that: “Our unique apple products delight people the world over”. Founded in 1967, the cooperative processed some 3000 metric tons of fruit in its first year of production. Today, the volumes can reach up to 4000 metric tons per day during peak periods, and its products attract customers all over the world.
All this makes the producer organisation a mainstay of the regional fruit industry. Its members comprise three producer groups and 18 cooperatives, which in turn are made up of around 6000 fruit growers and their families who produce agricultural goods with great care and experience – employing both integrated and organic farming methods.

VOG Products chiefly processes apples, as well as other fruits, into high quality products such as fresh juices and purees. These are marketed internationally: VOG Products supplies the global food and beverage industry with its semi-finished goods. Fresh cut apple slices and purees, apple cider vinegar and fresh juices are all sold under the private label, Leni’s.

The high quality of its raw ingredients, transparent supply chains, sustainable approaches and innovation are what make VOG Products stand out. The company focuses on a triad of modern technology, innovation in all process steps and the expertise of highly-qualified employees.
One in every five apples harvested today in the region is processed at the VOG Products plant in Laives/Leifers. Profits achieved from the added value are distributed to the cooperative’s members in the form of dividends. VOG Products thus safeguards the income and long-term economic prospects of regional agriculture.

VOG Products is a modern fruit processing company using locally-sourced raw ingredients.
VOG Products
6,000 family businesses work for us, each with a long tradition of its own. Most of them are small businesses with cultivation areas of two or three hectares, often divided into several subareas.
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VOG Products
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