Eggs in a carton
The Schlernhof farm focuses on animal welfare and short transport routes
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If animal welfare were supported by a breathtaking view, the laying hens at the Schlernhof farm would feel splendid for that reason alone: The farms they live on are located directly beneath the impressive rocks of the Schlernmassiv massif, surrounded by the myth-enshrouded Dolomites.

But the chickens of the Schlernhof cooperative have many more good reasons to feel completely in their element and lay high-quality eggs bearing the South Tyrolean seal of quality. They include a large outdoor chicken-run where they can peck and scratch as well as ample room in the coop and an area for sand bathing where they can preen. The feeding trough holds genetically unmodified regional feed with no added meat and bone meal, artificial colours, drugs, or performance-enhancing substances.

As producers, we focus on quality and regional products”, says Max Malfertheiner. “Animal welfare and short transport routes are therefore particularly important to us.” Schlernhof eggs arrive at the stores in the closer vicinity without detour and as fresh as possible. That is good both for the environment and for the quality of the eggs. The latter is also guaranteed by regular veterinary check-ups.

The Schlernhof cooperative committed to these values right when it was founded in 1998. Today, there are seven members in the cooperative. They are seven farms which identify themselves as producers via a code on every single egg and put a lot of expertise and effort towards the quality of their eggs. The cooperative is very interested in making sure that the next generation will continue to run the family business and the cooperative with just as much joy and enthusiasm.
Eggs in a carton

As producers, we focus on quality and regional products. Animal welfare and short transport routes are particularly important to us.

Max Malfertheiner
Via Durren, 10
39040 Kastelruth/Castelrotto

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