Freshly pulled, seasonal, regional – and even alcohol-free on request


The name says it all. With its moniker incorporating the German word for pepper, the Pfefferlechner Buschenschank, a rustic tavern situated on a 700-year-old farm, is where the resourceful Laimer family produces its range of farm products and feisty seasonal beers: Pfeffer Hell, Pfeffer Pale Ale 100%, Pfeffer Holz, Pfeffer Kastanie, Pfeffer Schwarz and Pfeffer Kirsch – each as well-seasoned as the next.

“Our goal is to create innovative beer experiences for everyone. Our customers not only include beer lovers, but also people curious to try something new as well as non-drinkers,” states farmer and brewer Maria-Elisabeth Laimer, explaining her vision.

Laimer is particularly proud of Fre(e)dl, the first South Tyrolean non-alcoholic beer. Her creation has brought fame to the Pfefferlechner Brewery as the first Italian craft beer brewery to include alcohol-free beers in its range. The brewer is especially pleased that her Fre(e)dl beers now bear the South Tyrolean seal of quality. Above all, she wants to use this to distinguish her business from big, industrial breweries and to emphasise the use of regional ingredients in her beers.

The name Pfefferlechner presents a linguistic challenge for some of the Laimer family’s guests, particularly the Italian speakers. “On the phone they just ask if we are the tavern with the ‘vista sulla stalla,’ with the view of the barn,” grins Maria-Elisabeth Laimer.

Rustic rooms and a cosy atmosphere coupled with regional cuisine are, indeed, the main features of the Pfefferlechner. Consequently, the brewery is at pains to source its raw ingredients locally wherever possible, to combine local South Tyrolean tradition with innovation and to test the limits of beer making.

Precisely how this happens can be experienced first-hand in the brewery. Guests of the Laimer family can witness every step of the brewing process for its beer specialities, and follow their production sip by sip.

Via S. Martino, 4
39011 Lana