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The Lösch Family is still growing herbs the old-fashioned way in the Ultental valley
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Certain things always stay the same, and this can be a very good thing. A certain family business at Zum oberen Hof in South Tyrol’s quaint Ultental valley provides impressive proof of that. The Lösch family has been cultivating herbs here by hand since the beginning of the 1970s. The herb fields surrounding the farm – one of the oldest in the entire valley – sit at 1,320 metres above sea level, far away from roads, industry and other harmful environmental influences.

Part of what makes this location so well-suited to herb growing is the fact that it is bathed in many hours of sunshine during the day, whilst night-time temperatures at this altitude are always low. These are the ideal conditions for the Lösch family’s herbs to develop their special aroma. Skilled cultivation, correct harvesting times and gentle drying that preserves all the valuable contents ensure that their produce more than merits the South Tyrolean seal of quality.

The ensured survival of a business requires the people behind it to work with full passion and conviction in their undertaking. There can be no doubt that this is the case for the Lösch family, whose attitude is encapsulated by the words: “We love working out in the open and we’re passionate about the different herbs and their unique properties.”

Large numbers of satisfied customers act as both a reward and motivation for the care and dedication they show. This is why the custodians at the Zum oberen Hof herb garden in the Ultental valley unequivocally wish to maintain and improve the hand-grown quality of their products. And something else that is crucial for farmer Inge Lösch: “We want to continue to run the herb garden as a family business.
We love working out in the open and we’re passionate about the different herbs and their unique properties. 
Inge Lösch
Kräutergarten Lösch
Pracupola, 17
39016 Ulten/Val d'Ultimo

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