Apple juice
Leni’s is a byword for apple juice from the best South Tyrolean apples
From field to glass
What lies behind the Leni’s brand? There’s no private company to find here, only South Tyrol’s apple growers themselves. But let’s start at the beginning. Over 50 years ago, a group of South Tyrolean fruit farmers came together to found a joint processing enterprise. The aim was to create a cooperative that would process any apples that were too big or small, or had too little colouring, into high-quality products. This marked the birth of the producer organisation VOG Products that exists today.

The members of VOG Products comprise three producer groups (VOG, VIP and La Trentina) and 18 South Tyrolean fruit cooperatives. These, in turn, are made up of some 6000 fruit farming families.

Leni’s is the private label of VOG Products. Delicious apple juices in a variety of flavours (including the enormously popular red juice made from red-fleshed apples) are sold under the brand alongside apple purees, apple cider vinegar and apple chips.

But what makes Leni’s so special? Well, first and foremost the quality of the raw ingredients: the apples are grown in the sun-kissed orchards of South Tyrol, where the best-possible fruit growing conditions prevail. In addition, modern technology is used to produce high-quality fruit juices from the apples at the plant in Laives/Leifers. And quality checks are a common thread running through the entire production chain.

What’s more, the Leni’s family is growing. The company is now turning towards the hotel and catering industry with its new Leni’s Selection range, a premium line that has been developed especially for the hospitality sector.
Apple juice
Safety is the common denominator of our entire production chain. From the farmers to the cooperatives, from the entire production process to the finished product.
Sabine Vieider
Via A. Nobel 1
39055 Laives/Leifers

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