An American in South Tyrol – and his unapologetic craft beers

Finix Brewing Co

If the name doesn’t quite have the ring of a South Tyrolean inn, this could have something to do with the fact that Finix Brewing Co., a small independent brewery in the Hochpustertal valley, aims to combine the best of two worlds with an American brewer, an American brewery and South Tyrolean malt.

“Finix is breaking somewhat with the German influence in the South Tyrolean beer scene. Though our beer creations, we want to demonstrate that there can be a beer for every occasion and every taste,” explains co-owner and brewer Zeke Maamouri-Cortez as he describes his approach. Originally from the USA, Zeke Maamouri-Cortez settled in South Tyrol in 2006, a place he had come to know and love through his former career as a biathlete.

Finix Brewing has been brewing authentic craft beers from locally-grown barley, top-quality ingredients and aromatic hops since 2019. “We see our beers as gourmet products. Just as it is with a bottle of good wine, the emphasis should be on quality and flavour with beer as well” – the bar is set high at Finix Brewing. “We are currently experiencing increasing demand for local products with regional ingredients from our guests. We use the South Tyrolean seal of quality to indicate that the malted barley in our handcrafted beers comes from South Tyrol. The seal not only references the product quality, but also the fact that the beer ingredients originate here in South Tyrol,” says master brewer Maamouri-Cortez.

At the same time, these local ingredients are combined with curiosity and openness to new recipes and inspiration from across the globe. At present, the creations range from South Tyrolean and American Pale Ale to varieties such as Kettle Sour with Raspberries.

The brewery’s ultimate goal is to break the ice that currently still divides South Tyrolean beer drinkers and craft beers. In the coming years, high quality craft beer is set to become part of popular culture in South Tyrol. The South Tyrolean seal of quality will support the brewery on this journey.

Finix Brewing Co
Bachla, 6
39030 Pfalzen/Falzes