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Now in its fourth generation, the Pardeller family from Sterzing/Vipiteno runs its bread manufacturing enterprise of the same name as a traditional craft business. It all started back in 1934 when Hans Pardeller opened up a small bakery in the town’s historic centre. Today, the bakery is one of the most state-of-the-art in all of South Tyrol. Nevertheless, its current owners, Elisabeth Pardeller and Andreas Fleckinger, make sure to continue the traditions that have proved so successful in the past.

This includes making a large variety of breads and baked goods specialties from South Tyrol and Italy by hand, among them many products made from locally sourced grain such as the “Vinschger Paarl”, apple bread rolls, and apple strudel bearing the South Tyrolean seal of quality. What’s more, the family bakes cakes and pastries in their own pastry shop.

The Pardellers’ motto is as simple as it is sobering: “Good bread requires good ingredients. After all: When the input is good, so is the output.” That is why the bakery uses high-quality raw materials, regional grain varieties, and gentle processing techniques 365 days a year. That is how the business supplies bread enthusiasts across the northern region of South Tyrol.

In order to ensure that the quality remains consistent, the Pardeller bread manufacturing enterprise compliments heirloom recipes with modern processing techniques and new technology. “A craft business can only survive if it places a clear focus on quality”, Andreas Fleckinger says with conviction. “But the most important thing of all is having a passion for the trade.

Dough for Schüttelbrot
Good bread requires good ingredients. After all: When the input is good, so is the output.
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