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Essential oils and herbal products from the fourth generation
Wellbeing is a Family Affair
Even though herbal knowledge enjoys a centuries-old tradition in South Tyrol, only a handful of enterprises have cultivated and spread it as consistently as family firm Bergila. Now into its fourth generation, the Niederkofler family has been manufacturing essential oils and herbal products since 1912. Thanks to their high quality and handcrafted production methods, these products are able to bear the South Tyrolean seal of quality.

A commensurately extensive amount of knowledge and experience goes into each and every process step at Bergila. Yet, for the Niederkofler family, it is at least equally as important that these should be in harmony with nature. “Everything we make is sustainably produced, so that the consumer receives the best possible product”, assures Franz Niederkofler.

Bergila wants to “preserve the purity and provenance of the plants in their entirety”. To achieve this, the Niederkofler family is careful to only work with plants from unspoilt cultivation areas or with the certified organic herbs they grow themselves.

Essential oils are the company’s primary products, but it also creates ointments, liqueurs and various other organic grade herbal products that are guaranteed to provide customers with wellbeing and relaxation. “Being organic is extremely important to us,” says Franz Niederkofler. He is convinced that “It allows us to secure a livelihood for the next generation whilst protecting nature and the environment”. And this is precisely what Bergila wants to continue to offer in future: the best possible organic quality and customer-oriented, attentive advice.
Niederkofler family
Being organic is extremely important to us. It allows us to secure a livelihood for the next generation whilst protecting nature and the environment
Franz Niederkofler
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