Why a traditional inn is brewing beer

Gassl Bräu

Constancy and cosiness are the most important qualities of the time-honoured Gasslbräu restaurant and brewery. But these two hallmarks alone are not enough to satisfy its owners. Regeneration and curiosity repeatedly provide fresh impetus for the business.

Helga and Norbert Andergassen, the establishment’s owners, want to gradually pass the enterprise on to the next generation, but not without ensuring it has a strong second leg to stand on first: a brewery producing natural beers using ingredients predominantly from South Tyrol. The South Tyrolean seal of quality on the label is one guarantee of this.

Summarising the essence of his work, Norbert Andergassen says: “We always brew the beers in small batches. As a result, we don’t lose the natural aromas, which makes all the difference when you compare them to industrially manufactured beer.” Lager, brown ale, wheat beer, pale ale and pilsner form part of the product range all year round, whilst basil beer, chestnut beer, Christmas Doppelbock and amber ale provide seasonal complements.

There is an innovative spirit behind these new varieties – and sometimes a little bit of luck, too. “I once accidentally added the wrong sack of malt to a blend, which resulted in the most glorious, amber-coloured beer. The customers loved it so much we brewed it again and gave it the name Bernstein (amber ale),” explains master brewer Norbert.

Creating new varieties and continually maintaining and improving the quality of the beers is also the key focus for the future of the brewery. For the Andergassens, the growing number of regular customers, excellent reviews and even their own enjoyment of the beers they make are the most important motivating factors.

Gassl Bräu
via Conciatori 18
39043 Klausen/Chiusa