Beer specialities from Italy’s northernmost brewery


In the South Tyrolean Ahrntal valley, not far from the border with Austria, the softness and mineral composition of the spring water give it a particularly special quality. Master brewer Maximilian Rid speaks of it as having an excellent brewing value.

It was in 2019 that the qualified master brewer, who completed his training at a major Munich-based brewery, began refining local ingredients into quaffable beers. This marked the birth of the Gustahr brewery, which employs traditional brewing processes, such as decoction mashing and open fermentation. “Depending on the variety, we leave each beer for a minimum of four to six weeks to mature and develop its own individual flavour profile,” explains Maximilian Rid.

What he appreciates most about his work is the varied and diverse nature of it. “My everyday tasks go far beyond the work of a master brewer. Since I am solely responsible for the technical processes in the brewery, in a certain sense I am also an electrician, a mechanic and a hydraulic engineer, as well as an office worker and cleaner all rolled into one.” No two days are the same.

The focus at Gustahr lies on producing high quality, tasty beers that bear the South Tyrolean seal of quality and are highly drinkable, beers that appeal to a wide audience. As exacting as these demands are, so creative are the daily tasks: “I am always learning new things and can apply my creativity to brewing the most diverse beers from the same four basic ingredients.”

Gustahr is hoping for a time where it can work without restrictions. The business got off to a bumpy start in early 2019, as heavy snowfall left the entire valley without power. Somehow, in spite of this, Maximilian Rid managed to keep operations going with a generator. The young brewery has also navigated its way successfully through the pandemic and is now ready for the next big challenge: the fiercely competitive beer market.

Ahrn, 87
39030 San Giovanni, Valle Aurina