A beer that brings people together

Viertel Bier

A place where everything comes together: people, ideas, top-quality ingredients. There couldn’t be a better description for the Putzer, a site that contains a hotel, a restaurant and a brewing base. This Braubasis is, in turn, a cafe, bar and brewery in one.

Guests here can choose from seven standard unfiltered beers that are brewed on site and served on tap or in bottles. But this is far from being all: the range also includes varying seasonal and one-off beers bearing the South Tyrolean seal of quality, beers that attest to the pleasure their producers take in experimentation. And for anyone who wants to know exactly how it’s done, glazed walls allow onlookers to witness the beer making process for themselves.

“Our beer is intended to convey the feeling of life in a real or imaginary neighbourhood,” explains head brewer Jonas Steiner, “a neighbourhood where people from all over the world can meet.” Just like any neighbourhood across the globe where different cultural worlds collide, Viertel Bier represents the call to unite these worlds and to have an open mind “to good things happening just around the corner.”
The basic ingredients of water, hops and yeast, as well as the different malts and grains used to brew Viertel Bier’s beers, are carefully selected in keeping with this principle of “just around the corner”.

Wherever possible, Viertel Bier’s producers employ locally sourced ingredients. There are already two organic varieties with a third due to be released very soon. “We want to continually improve the quality of our beers and adapt them to the times,” says Jonas Steiner as he explains the brewery’s vision. He is convinced that only genuine craft production can satisfy this demand. One guarantee of this is the South Tyrolean seal of quality, which is clearly displayed on his handcrafted beers.

Viertel Bier
Via Pusteria, 9
39040 Natz-Schabs/Naz-Sciaves