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From organically grown apples to refreshing cider
Everything an Apple Can Do

Floribunda has been run organically since as far back as 1994, its name – meaning “rich in blossoms” – inspired by the farm’s location. The apple growing areas encircling the southernmost South Tyrolean village of Salorno/Salurn are surrounded by biodiverse ditches and hedgerows, and border on the Adlermösl biotope.

It was a pioneering spirit that, in 2002, motivated the Egger-Völser family to produce a range of ciders with the South Tyrolean seal of quality from their fungus-resistant, robust varieties, which include Topaz and Gold Rush. Apple cider, apple & quince cider, apple & elderflower cider, apple & ginger cider, rosé cider, apple & mint cider and, since 2021, apple & chilli and Cornelian cherry cider all feature among the range of products. Each of Floribunda’s cider variations has a 100% fruit content, is naturally cloudy and has no added sugar or sulphites.

We focus on putting as much fruit as possible in the bottle and on interfering as little as we can with the product. Only yeast and enzymes are added”, explains junior manager Magdalena Egger. It order to achieve this, Floribunda processes the high-quality fruits quickly and carries out bottle fermentation at cool temperatures. The extra effort is worth it: “Capturing the aromas of fresh fruits and intensifying and refining this through fermentation holds a unique fascination”.

The wisdom of three generations, experience in organic agriculture and knowledge acquired through university studies all benefit production at the family business. In striving to continually improve, Floribunda likewise takes part in international events and competitions. Indeed, some of its most important recognition comes from abroad. After visiting South Tyrol, a Japanese Michelin-starred chef now has Pressknödel (pressed dumplings) and Graukäse (grey cheese) delivered directly to Tokyo, where he serves them alongside cider from Floribunda.

Floribunda apple cider
Capturing the aromas of fresh fruits and intensifying and refining this through fermentation holds a unique fascination.
Magdalena Egger
Via Aldo Moro, 2
39040 Salurn/Salorno

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