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South Tyrol’s first organic bakery is committed to original production methods
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When it comes bread, the Profanter bakery is an organic pioneer in South Tyrol. Since 2011, the bakery – which has several locations in and around Brixen/Bressanone – has been implementing purely organic productions methods, making it the only organic Bioland bakery in all of South Tyrol to date. At the same time, the business is one of the principal supporters of the Regiokorn project, which promotes the cultivation of South Tyrolean varieties of mountain grain. Due to the high altitude in which it is grown, this grain has a particularly fine taste.

High-quality, locally sourced ingredients are thus used to make a wide variety of organic breads bearing the South Tyrolean seal of quality: “Pusterer Breatl” (flat mixed grain loaves), “Dinkel-Breatl” (spelt loaves), “Mini-Hausbreatl”, farmhouse bread with walnuts, wholegrain loaves, and wholegrain spelt tin loaves.

The day-to-day work at the bakery is geared towards ensuring the business’s commitment to quality. “Original bread is about more than just culinary enjoyment – it is the key to a healthy and holistic diet. With my baked goods, I can do something good for man and nature alike while at the same time creating tasty treats”, says master baker Benjamin Profanter, who also considers himself a bread sommelier. Even as a child, while his siblings spent all their time playing outside, he preferred to help out in his parents’ bakery. That is where he learned the trade that he continues to pursue to this day with a down-to-earth manner and a clear focus on quality.

Each day at the bakery involves many different steps: Every day, the baker mills fresh wholegrain flour in his own mill, using only pure natural grain, and lets the doughs rest for longer before baking the different types of bread in the natural stone ovens fully lined with Swiss Alpine granite. The Profanter bakery prefers using heirloom grain varieties and also offers a wide range of wheat-free, yeast-free and vegan baked goods. This traditional craft business renounces the use of chemical or synthetic additives and ready-mixes.
Bakery Profanter
Original bread is about more than just culinary enjoyment – it is the key to a healthy and holistic diet. With my baked goods, I can do something good for man and nature alike.
Benjamin Profanter
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Via I. Seidner, 28
39042 Brixen/Bressanone

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