Bread from Val Venosta
Pastry chef Fabrizio Tabiadon unleashes his creativity
A Dough Full of Ideas
Rising early in the morning, preparing the dough by hand, pulling the sheet of rolls out of the oven, conversing with clients every single day: At the Innerkofler Bakery, some things simply never change. And yet no two days are alike, says Fabrizio Tabiadon, the owner and experienced baker: “Every day I invent something new in here.

And that is precisely what sets this traditional baking business apart from the bulk. It enriches the little town of Laives/Leifers in South Tyrol’s southern region and supplies the neighbourhood with high-quality, artisanally crafted baked goods. When asked about his motivation, Fabrizio Tabiadon mentions two things – to defy industrial mass-production and enliven the town centre.

Especially when it comes to baking cakes for special occasions such as weddings or birthdays, the baker and pastry chef gets to unleash his full creativity. These fancy creations are highly popular with his customers. The most important thing for Fabrizio Tabiadon, however, will always be quality; that is to say – the taste. “If my customers' palates are happy, then so am I”, he says.

The pastry chef is an old-school master of his trade. Since quality is his top priority, he uses only high-quality and preferably regionally sourced ingredients for his traditional recipes, which is why several of the products available at the Innerkofler bakery bear the South Tyrolean seal of quality. Fabrizio Tabiadon describes this approach laconically using three words: “Commitment, commitment, commitment.

Bread from Val Venosta
Every day I invent something new in here. My artisanal business defies industrial mass-production and enlivens the town centre.
Fabrizio Tabiadon
Panificio Innerkofler
Via Kennedy, 111
39055 Laives/Leifers

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